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When toroidal winding the wire windings is applied to closed rings from various magnetic material. Producing these goods requires a special machine park and specially trained staff. Our production facilities and our expertise allow us to go to the limit of what is possible with wire sizes and the core variables.







Storage Chokes

  • switching regulator inductors with Pulfer-, HiFlux-, MPP, or KoolMu cores
  • tape, cut cores
  • standing, lying, shed
    Wire - ø 00:02 ... 2 mm; round, flat, HF braid
  • SMD / THT


  • Cost-effective standard power transformers up to 150 VA
  • Customized to 1000VA
  • Various designs and mounting styles
  • High-end audio transformers


  • 150 VA
  • core sizes ø 6... 150 mm
  • Various designs and mounting styles


Current transformers

  • Through- type current transformer
  • Various types: standing, lying, shed
  • SMD / THT
  • Up to 200 A measuring current