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Self Supported CoilSelf-supported coils or air core coils are characterized by the fact that typically no magnetic core material is used. They are usually wound on non-magnetic cores and stable in form dimensionally stable or wound on non- magnetic cores in itself. For baked varnish coils a specially coated wire is used which is baked at temperatures of around 200 °C during or after winding. With its many years of experience in applying this technology, the WERAP Wicklerei AG can call itself without exaggeration a specialist.

Self Supported coils

  • no body or core
  • dimensionally stable up to 220° C
  • Any shape possible, including post formable
  • Wire - ø 0.8 mm 00:02...

Sensor coils

  • Baked varnish - or air coils, wired/shed and mounted
  • Custom Design
  • Various wire materials

Antenna coils

  • round /flat wire
  • Special finishes and materials (silver, gold, etc.)
  • shed or further processed

Air Core coils

  • Rigid wire coils for wire - ø from 0.8 mm without self-bonding
  • With or without bobbin
  • The most complicated forms
  • own tool construction