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Air Coils

We develop and manufacture customized Self-supporting and Air Core Coils

Air Core Coils are characterized by the fact that no magnetic core material is used. Due to not using core material, those coils have a small inductance and a high magnetic leakage flux. On the other hand, air core coils have a linear magnetization characteristic and do not have magnetic saturation (like coils with core material). Air Core Coils are wound with a specially coated wire using an adhesive material, next to the insulating layer, which prevents a winding short circuit. Under certain conditions (temperature, high current or chemicals) the adhesive layer liquefies. If the coil is wound during this time, the windings are “baked” together and will stay in the shape after the process.

Depending on the application, air core coils are wound without the special adhesive coating. To achieve the mechanical stability, the windings are then fixed on a non-magnetical core material like plastic, ceramic, glass or other non-magnetic material.

Self-supporting coils are used in a wide range of applications. e.g. in microphones, speakers, motors or high-frequency applications.

Depending on the application, we manufacture different types according to your needs and your application:

  • Self-supporting Coils
  • Air Core Coils
  • Antenna Coils
  • Sensor Coils
  • Coils for RFID applications (Transmitter and Transponder)
  • Motor Coils
  • Cylindrical Coils
  • Solenoid Coils
  • T-Coils for Hearing Aids
  • Fine Wire Coils
  • Encoder Coils
  • Filter Coils
Do you already have datasheets of existing coils or do you want an individual coil, specially designed for your application?

Do not hesitate and send us your request. We like to help and support you.

Your Request - Werap Wicklerei AG