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Transformer THT

We develop and manufacture transformer - Swiss quality

Customized for your application

Transformers are used to transfer an AC Input Voltage into an AC Output Voltage. The ratio of the input voltage and the output voltage corresponds to the ratio of applied windings on both sides. For example: For transforming an input voltage of 230VAC into an output voltage of 10VAC, the winding ratio has to be 23:1. By the ratio of the individual windings, the AC output voltage, equal or larger than the input AC voltage accordingly. Usually two or -depending on the application- more turns around an iron core, ferrite or powder core are wound. This ferrite, iron or powder cores are available in different designs and sizes. The shape and the material of the core define -dependent the air gap- Al -value.

For manufacturing, we are using cores and materials of well-known companies

Transformer repairing and rewinding service

It may happen that a transformer has stopped working due to various causes or is even burned. Maybe you want to have a rewinding service, to handle different voltages with the transformer. For example, if a different output voltage is required, but no transformers with an identical design are available, an adaptation of the number of turns you save a lot of effort and work.

We offer you such repair and rewind services. Just get in touch with us, after clarifying all you needs send us the old or broken transformer. In our technical department, we will check the transformer and the necessary steps will be defined

Depending on the application we manufacture different types according to your specifications:

  • Power Transformer (up to 2kVA)
  • HighVoltage Transformer (up to 30kV)
  • Voltage Transformer
  • Current Transformer
  • Signal Transformer
  • Ring Core Transformer
  • PCB Transformer
  • Autotransformer
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Three Phase Transformer
  • Mains Transformer
  • Planar Transformer

You already have datasheets of an existing solution and you want to optimize or would you like to have a transformer, designed for your application?


Your request by e-mail