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Werap Elektronik AG stands for comprehensive industrial electronics services, electronic development, PCB assambly and module assembly

Excellence in Electronics - Because quality matters

Do you need comprehensive consulting? Electronics development for your needs? Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly - whether SMD or THT assembly - as a service? Manufacture and production of electronic assemblies? Or the device installation? You have an old electronic system that has to withstand new regulations - i. e. you need to update it with our Reverse Engineering service?

With Werap Elektronik you get a comprehensive service, employees with a high quality awareness, fast response times to your inquiries and an established quality system.

Your requirements, needs and concerns are the basis for a target-oriented approach when developing your solutions.

Contact us today.

Our mission statement
Excellent client relations are a prerequisite for our lasting success.  Therefore, having the client as a partner is at the core of our actions. We recognise client needs early, comprehensively and systematically and we proactively address them. We make sure that we never lose sight of clients‘ interests, offer flexible, custom-made solutions, and implement clients‘ wishes as quickly as possible.  We foster honest and open communication and know our clients on a personal level as well. We take measures that underpin our credibility.


ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015

IQNet Certification

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