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Cost-effective due to international Procurement

Even with the management of material we offer you the option of using our purchasing power with worldwide leading manufacturers and with this to be able to profit from reliable components at favorable prices. With our international global sourcing locations, we can optimally work on projects worldwide and better use the market fluctuations. 

Procurement Marketing

We watch the supply market for you, sift current price tendencies and thus establish the basis for an economic sale. We always meet dynamic market changes with up-to-date information and continuous performance optimization for our customers.

Supplier Management

We look for and qualify suitable suppliers, in compliance with your interests. We have built up good relations with our suppliers, which favor the search for optimal and quick solutions. For our customers, we place high demands on our suppliers. Additionally, we submit all suppliers to a detailed appraisal twice a year. Even that is a part of our quality management. They are subject to our constant control in terms of price, delivery time and quality.  

Material Logistics

From procurement up to the printed circuit board assembly, the components are meticulously followed. Our tracing system is adjusted to ensure professional stock-keeping and material supply for the customer project. This is a very big advantage for our customers during the conversion to RoHS-compatible components. Our logistics department ensures an extremely effective stock-keeping, which in turn has an essential part in the smooth production processes.

Conflict Minerals Legislation Statement

Werap Elektronik Ltd.is committed to using materials that do not use minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses, most notably from DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). Variosystems requires that suppliers report to us, if any components have been fabricated using materials mined from conflict areas per Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act.