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Coil Winding Company

For almost 50 years Werap Wicklerei has been a developer and manufacturer of customer-specific inductors - your experienced coil winding company.

Are you looking for coils, air core coils, self-supporting coils, electronic chokes, transformers, valve coils or a tailor-made solution wound with special material wires? Werap Wicklerei AG calculates, develops, produces and optimises your inductors.

You will benefit from almost 50 years of experience in the manufacture of customised winding goods. Since 1971, together with our customers, we have developed inductors that are optimally designed for their application.

A large number of solutions can be found in measurement technology (flow measurement, current measurement, voltage measurement, distance measurement or position measurement), are installed in motion control technology (linear drives, DC motors and more) or controller technology (engine construction, vehicle construction or pneumatic and hydraulic valves). All of the currently over 4'000 customer-specific inductors have been calculated and developed for a special application.

You can always rely on Werap Wicklerei AG's know-how from development to prototyping to manufacturing (pilot series to series production). Modern fully automatic winding machines (for self supported coils, air coils or coils on a bobbin) such as the multiple spindle machines for high quantities at optimal prices, toroidal core winding machines or manual workstations for individual production. The machine park is very well equipped.

Your application defines our solution - Excellence in Winding

Based on the philosophy that every electronic circuit, application or solution requires individual and precisely fitting inductors in order for them to function perfectly. Our goal is to support and relieve you with our inductive solutions so that you can focus on your core business.

With the use of modern calculation and drawing programs, precise production machines and thanks to our long-standing and experienced employees we achieve optimum results. Based on these factors we develop and produce optimally designed and high quality coils, transformers or chokes and toroidal transformers.

So why develop electronic circuits around an inductor when it can also be optimally designed and manufactured for your circuit?

Werap Wicklerei AG supports its customers throughout the value added chain and guarantees them professional and reproducible winding goods of the highest quality at reasonable prices. Motivated employees and an established quality control system meet the highest standards. .

In addition to production, we also offer in-depth technical and industry know-how as well as services such as development, engineering, consulting and calculation of electromagnetic components.


ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015

IQNet Certification

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