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Ring Core

With the single- aperture core winding the wire meanderings are brought up on closed rings from the most diverse magnetic material. Producing these goods requires special machinery and specially trained employees. Our means of production and know-how make it possible to go to the limit of feasibility with the wire strengths and core sizes.

Baking Lacquer and Air Coils

Baking Lacquer or air coils are characterized by the fact that normally no magnetic nuclear material is usually used. They are usually wound on non-magnetic cores and stable in form. For baking lacquer coils, a specially coated wire is used which is baked at temperatures of around 200°C during or after winding. With its many years of experience in applying this technology, the Werap Wicklerei AG can call itself without exaggeration a specialist. Our know-how makes it possible for us to go to the boundary of what is feasible with the wire strengths and core sizes.

Conventional Winding

Conventional winding goods are characterized by axial (linear) winding a bobbin followed by mounting the magnetic core materials (single sheet layers, merge ferrite core, insert rod core). The actual winding is therefore, relatively simple and is done partly automatically. By contrast, the final assembly is often done by hand and requires great skill and care.