As an electronic component manufacturing specialist,we offer you access to diverse manufacturing technologies.

Especially when it comes to the fusion of technologies, SMT or THT (mixed assembly, redesign), reflow, selective or wave soldering, single or multi-layer printed circuit boards, customers appreciate our manufacturing know-how.

The lead-free soldering in the electronics industry is facing enormous challenges. Fabrication processes, quality assurance and long-term behavior need to be reconsidered. Rüegger AG has already gained extensive experience in this field. We now have modern facilities and so we can ensure a conversion without sacrificing quality.

Thanks to our flexible production structures we are in a position, depending on the task, to very efficiently handle projects-from prototype to high-volume production. As a small company, we work closely with technology partners, to offer cutting edge manufacturing technologies.

We consider our size a strength, the targets set by short decision paths and a healthy dose of pragmatism may be implemented efficiently.