Charging Technology for industrial applications

We produce various special chargers for industrial and military applications:

  • Militia Ready chargers for different transmission systems
  • Industry-standard batch chargers for the fully automatic charging of up to 60 Ni-MH batteries.

D & AA Charger for simultaneous charging of 60 Ni-Mh or Li-Ion batteries

With the new D & AA Charger of Rüegger Elektronik AG, 30 NI-Mh or Li-ion batteries in sizes D and AA can be loaded in four to six hours.

System Features
  • For Ni-Mh or Li-Ion batteries optimized, cyclic Protac® charging method.
  • High-quality parallel locking mechanism for precise contacting of the battery being charged.
  • LED Panel to display the charging and fault status for each battery.
  • Ease of maintenance due to plug charging contacts and load modules.
  • Temperature control by controlled case fans.
  • External communication with system management unit for evaluation of charging characteristics and charging status via D-Sub interface.
  • High efficiency and user-friendliness were the focus during the design of the device. The handy cordless throwaway insert can be a complete set of 60 batteries inserting or removing a handle. The turning application also serves as a deposit for the right battery carrying case.
  • The unit is also available as a capacity measurement unit.


The charger ALGT-135 is used for fully automatic, simultaneous charging of 6 Ni / MH batteries when the radio is in standby mode.



The SQUIRE charger can charge multiple batteries simultaneously. It is intended for outdoor use and is suitable for military systems and mobile communication systems.