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Location Description
Gerstetten belongs to the district of Heidenheim and is located in the triangle formed by the cities of Ulm, Heidenheim and Geislingen. The nearest train station is located in Heidenheim (about 15 km) and Ulm (about 35km). From the station you can take one of several bus connections to Gerstetten. The combination of an economic zone and living space is a powerful magnet for qualified employees. The short distances to colleges in Ulm, Aalen and Geislingen, a vocational academy in Heidenheim and other training centers facilitate the move from theory into practice and promotes continuous learning.

Property Description
The buildings were built between 1950 and 1980. During three phases, all of the buildings will be completely refurbished and brought up to modern standards.

South Building
The first phase has been completed and the premises in this part are available by agreement. Development requests are welcome and will be taken into consideration. Here we rent approximately 3,000 square meters which can be used for production, office, exhibition and storage space.

Administrative Building
Here we have about 600 square meters of office space. The rental spaces are divided into larger and smaller units and can be rented as needed. Rates from € 2.00 to 8.00 € / square meter depending on the location and extension request.

Location Gerstetten (DE)

The municipality of Gerstetten belongs to the district of Heidenheim (Baden-Württemberg) and is located on the Swabian Alb, the triangle cities of Ulm, Heidenheim and Geislingen.

Heidenheimer Alb offers through its landscape beautiful forests and heath areas. Moreover, Gerstetten offers the Riffmuseum, attractions and diverse cultural events. Due to the favorable access to the A7, Gerstetten has developed into an attractive commercial and industrial center.

The economic area Gerstetten has been in forward development for years and the newly created technology park is making it even more attractive.

Public transportation
The nearest railway station is in Heidenheim (about 15 km) and Ulm (35 km). Ulm lies on the ICE route that leads via Stuttgart to Munich and at the major European Magistrale Paris-Budapest. European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris or Linz can be reached without changing trains. From Heidenheim and Ulm, there are bus connections to Gerstetten.

Living space and Education
Gerstetten has kindergartens, primary schools in all districts and in the capital an educational center consisting of a primary, secondary, and special school. Music and primary schools complete the educational program. The entire infrastructure in Gerstetten is constantly evolving and makes life here very pleasant.

Economic zone
Baden-Württemberg is one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. The country has an excellent reputation worldwide as a high-tech and service location. In many crucial economic positions, peak values have been provided both in the national as well as international standards. The high innovation and performance of the economy has evolved into a large and strong business community. Daimler, Robert Bosch, DAP, Porsche, Würth, Trump and many others are among the largest and most successful companies - their products and services are worldwide successes.

Have we awakened your interest? We are happy to give you more information and show you the premises.