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Techcenter - The Facility

  • Representative, modern office building
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Plenty of parking available
  • 25 km from Zurich city limits
  • 30 km from Zurich-Kloten Airport
  • 2 km from Bubikon train station (S5 -> 25 minutes from Zurich HB)
  • 300 meters from the motorway exit (Rüti / Hombrechtikon)
  • Good access
  • Idyllic location next to the waterfall and in natural surroundings
  • Near to the golf course

Everything under one roof
Techcenter facilitates contacts and promotes communication and teamwork

Innovation assets
Excellency in the high-tech sector

For offices, trade, service and manufacturing companies

Location Bubikon

Bubikon is situated in the beautiful Zurich highland which mainly thanks to the high quality of life, the availability of skilled workers and its proximity to services and the cultural metropolis of Zurich is an attractive area. The geographical location and good transport links by rail and road are optimal. The actual gateway to the world is close to Zurich Airport. With about a quarter of a million residents, the Zurich highland is the third largest and fastest growing region in the Zurich area. It extends to the southeast of the city of Zurich and connects urban and rural areas in an attractive economic and living space.

Public transport
Current public transport services are constantly being expanded and are one of the densest in Europe. The Zurich highland is only a half an hour from the financial and economic center of Zurich and from Zurich international airport.

Living Space and Education
The combination of an commercial area and living space is a powerful magnet for qualified employees. Modern work structures in the workplace enable high identification and in return guarantees the necessary flexibility. The close proximity to universities and technical colleges, training centers, etc. facilitate the transfer of theory into practice and promotes continuous learning.

Economic zone
The region is characterized by numerous high-tech companies which have settled here. These are characterized by their high productivity and innovation. These companies enrich the economy in the region and are attractions for other high tech companies.

Tax Structure
In Switzerland; taxes are raised on three levels: federal, cantonal and municipal. This results in a tax competition among the cantons and municipalities and is a major reason for the low taxes in Switzerland. For capital companies in the canton of Zurich a uniform tax rate applies, that means an AG or GmbH are charged the same tax in each municipality of the Canton of Zurich.

Have we awakened your interest? We are happy to give you more information and to show you the premises.